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Piso Piloto

Medellín - Barcelona

Beyond their differences, Medellín and Barcelona are cities of comparable sizes, with a long relationship of mutual cooperation and that have been distinguished internationally for having promoted an inclusive urban planning strategy that has put many public spaces at the service of social redistribution. Even so, like so many other cities in the world, each still has pending the urgent matter of guaranteeing the right to housing.

«Piso Piloto» is an exhibition that focuses on reflection around the issue of housing. The main objective is the development of proposals that give a response to the challenges of housing and its relationship with the public space on a global scale through the selection of two specific contexts, the two protagonist cities: Barcelona and Medellín.

«Piso Piloto» is structured into three parts, so that spaces for the presentation of the principal challenges (The housing problem) coexist with exhibition spaces that show the best responses to each challenge / issue (Housing as a solution) and spaces for discussion that serve as a stimulus to give continuity to this entire process (Challenges).

With the participation of cooperatives, architecture studios, platforms, collectives, artists and other agents (ETSAB, ETSAV, La Salle, ETSAM, IAAC, ESARQ-UIC, Elisava, Columbia University, Fundació UPC, CoAC, FAD Fundació Arrels, PAH, Sostre Cívic, Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana, URBAM-EAFIT, Escuela del Habitat-UNAL, among others).

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