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Touring activities

Piso Piloto


Mexico City / Mextrópoli

Piso Piloto is an archive of alternative solutions to implement access to housing and the right to the city. An initiative that started with an exhibition on housing conducted simultaneously at the CCCB (June 2 to October 25, 2015) and the Museum of Antioquia in Medellin (June 24 to October 8, 2015), to which now joins Mexico City .

Pis Pilot (Pilot Flat) travelled to Mexico and was presented at the Festival Internacional de Arquitectura y Ciudad MEXTRÓPOLI (International Festival of Architecture and the City, Mextrópoli) with support from the Instituto del Fondo Nacional de la Vivienda para los Trabajadores (INFONAVIT – Institute of the National Fund for the Workers’ Housing). The exhibition, shown at the Franz Mayer Museum from 5 March to 10 April 2016, includes original projects previously presented in Barcelona and new cases specifically created in Mexico City.

In its work of reflecting on real housing situations, Pis Pilot reveals a problem affecting individuals, families and groups in Mexico. The main aim is to seek solutions outside institutional frameworks which might put an end to the housing insecurity extending the length and breadth of the megalopolis.


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