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Piso Piloto

Looking for a flat?

20x20 Powered by PechaKucha - Piso Piloto



On the occasion of the exhibition Piso Piloto, ten speakers will offer a range of ideas and approaches when talking about proposals and solutions for the challenges presented by the question of housing. The PechaKucha format of the session will ensure dynamism and a relaxed, agreeable atmosphere.


Adriana Mas Cucurell (Fundació Arrels & Escola Elisava)
Coque Claret (ETSAV)
David Juárez (Straddle3)
Gustau Gili (Casa Piloto)
Ibon Bilbao (Arquitectes de capçalera - ETSAB)
Joana G. Grenzner (La Borda)
Núria Güell (Oficina de Rescat invertit)
Lucía Martí (PAH)
Ubaldo Menéndez Rodríguez & Sara Rodríguez Cosmen

Presenters: Oscar Guayabero

This activity is part of Piso Piloto

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Looking for a flat?

20 x 20 powered by Pecha Kucha special Piso Piloto

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