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Piso Piloto


Córdoba / Sala Vimcorsa

“Pis Pilot” (Pilot Flat) is an exhibition about the problem of housing in different cities around the world. After being shown in Barcelona and travelling to Medellín and Mexico City, it has returned to Spain and, specifically, to Córdoba, a city with a powerful historical influence in its urban planning but also certain vulnerable points with regard to housing.

Organised in three areas, The Problem of Housing, Housing As a Solution, and Reform, Cohabit and Cooperate, the exhibition works around structure—planning, crux and outcome—with the aim of enabling the viewer to learn about the present situation of Córdoba and the difficulties it faces, and also to discover solutions in the form of projects presented by different groups like STOPDesahucios or PAX, among others, as part of the exhibition. These have been compiled and incorporated into the layout of the show by the curators for Córdoba, Curro Crespo and Antonio Lara from amásce.

The interest of “Pis Pilot” resides in the direct link it establishes with citizens. In this show, art and artistic production remain at the service of knowledge, and real situations are given a specific space in which they can be brought to light. As an individual belonging to a social community, each visitor to the exhibition can see, recognise, understand and learn about the situation of the geographic space where he or she lives, contrast this information with that from other parts of the world, and receive news of what is being done, if not to improve then at least to set in motion a process in which these conditions might change. “Pis Pilot”, the “Pilot Flat”: in deep-rooted responses and alternative questions.

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