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ALIA. Forests

Open call for secondary schools

Are you a teacher of year four obligatory secondary education or year one baccalaureate who is interested in interdisciplinary work that combines science, humanities and contemporary creation? Would you like your students to learn about forests, biodiversity and climate crisis, accompanied by creators and experts at top scientific research and outreach centres?

ALIA is the CCCB’s education programme for young people that links scientific dissemination, thinking and creation, and generates spaces for conversation and collaborative work between scientific research centres, cultural ecosystem agents and secondary schools.


Forests. Biodiversity, Literature and Climate Crisis

In this fourth edition, students in year four of obligatory secondary education and year one baccalaureate at six schools will work on forests and biodiversity in the context of climate crisis with the research team at the Centre de Recerca Ecològica i Aplicacions Forestals (Centre for Ecological Research and Forestry Applications-CREAF) and the writer and journalist Gabi Martínez, a specialist in the relation between nature and literature.

Thinking about the forest allows us to explore at greater depth some of the most urgent challenges of our present, such as the ecological crisis and the degradation of nature. This edition of ALIA aims to invite students to a comprehensive exploration of the forest as both a natural and a cultural space.

How do forests work? How does our lifestyle impact them? What are the consequences? These are some of the questions we will be looking at, leading us to ask others. How have we viewed the forest historically? How does the way we see nature affect the way we relate to it? What role can art and literature play in creating other possible imaginaries?

For seven months (from October 2024 to May 2025) students will bring an interdisciplinary approach to these questions, interrelating scientific research in the field of biology and ecology, bioacoustics, the history of thought and literary creation. The final assignment consists of writing a literary narrative and recording a soundscape.

This year’s ALIA is organized alongside the CCCB’s exhibition Amazonias, the Ancestral Future.


Who is the call aimed at?

This open call is aimed at class groups of year four obligatory secondary education and year one baccalaureate students at public schools and private centres that receive public funding who want to carry out interdisciplinary work linking research and scientific dissemination with the humanities. The call will select a maximum of six schools in Barcelona and the Metropolitan Area of Barcelona, with one class group per centre, or a maximum of 30 students, accompanied by at least two teachers.


How to take part

If you’re a school in the city of Barcelona, sign up through the Education Consortium’s Unified Call for Projects.

If you’re a school in the Metropolitan Area of Barcelona, send an email to along with a document of no more than two pages that explains your reasons for wanting to take part in ALIA. Please also include:

  • Name of the school and contact email
  • Full names, subjects taught and contact of the teacher involved
  • The class group participating or the approximate number of students
  • A proposal for time to be devoted to the ALIA project, indicating the subjects and timetables you will participate in

Aspects that will be positively evaluated are:

  • The school’s interest in project work, whether it is already a regular practice or is planned to be.
  • Joint participation of more than two subjects.
  • Diversity in the number of public schools and private centres that receive public funding, to guarantee varied participation in the project.
  • A project carried out in Catalan, unless another subject in the project corresponds to another language.


The call is open from 2 to 22 May. The selected schools will be announced during the week of 24 June. The schools chosen in the city of Barcelona will be announced through the Education Consortium’s Unified Call for Projects. The chosen schools in the Metropolitan Area of Barcelona will receive an email confirming their participation in the project.


Information session

A virtual session with information about the call will take place on Thursday 9 May at 17:30. The purpose of this session is to explain how the programme will work and answer any questions the schools may have. Schools must confirm their attendance by email to



Education Service of the CCCB:


Functioning of ALIA. Forests

The project will be carried out semi-independently by each secondary school alongside the other five participating centres. In order to do so, each school will be provided with a teaching dossier aimed at the teachers, put together by the CREAF and the CCCB’s education team.

Alongside independent work carried out at the schools, the project also includes three outings organized by the CCCB and a writing workshop in the classroom with Gabi Martínez.

The teaching staff in charge of carrying out the project will have the support and advice of the CCCB’s education team throughout the process.



The project requires an approximate dedication of 40 hours over six months (October to May).


Project calendar

The ongoing work process is divided into three stages:

Stage 1. Research and documentation (October-December 2024)

  • 30 October 2024: opening talk by a leading figure in the study of forests and biodiversity, with all the participating schools.
  • October-December 2024:
    • Visit to the exhibition Amazonia, the Ancestral Future at the CCCB and meeting with a scientist from the Centre de Recerca Ecològica i Aplicacions Forestals (CREAF)
    • Independent work at the schools based on the proposals in the teaching dossier

Stage 2. Creation (January-April 2025)

  • Writing session in the classroom with the writer Gabi Martínez
  • Bioacoustics and sound recording session in Collserola forest
  • Independent work at the schools for the final creation of the project (one for each class group)

Stage 3. Sharing and presentation (April-May 2025)

  • 1st fortnight of May 2025: closing celebration at the CCCB. Presentation of the accounts written by the students and the soundscapes.


Associated training

To accompany teaching staff in carrying out the work process, ALIA’s Forests programme will offer training between the months of September and October, consisting of 15 hours certified by the Department of Education.

This activity is part of Amazonias, ALIA