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Notice: Lorena Fuster's lecture will take place next 16th May at 6.30 pm.

Institut d'Humanitats

Readers of Judith Butler

with Marta Segarra, Lorena Fuster, Meri Torras, Begonya Saez, Marina Garcés and Joana Masó

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This course has been designed as an introduction and a guide to reading the works of one of the most influential thinkers of contemporary critical philosophy. On the occasion of her visit to the CCCB, the Institute of Humanities has invited six eminent readers of Judith Butler to share their interpretation of some key aspects of her thinking. From her key contributions to the problematization of gender category, which made her book Gender Trouble one of the key works on feminism and queer theory, to her reflections on recognition, vulnerability, violence and, more recently, collective forms of political action.

16th April

Marta Segarra

Gender confusion

7th May

Meri Torras and Begonya Saez

Gender performativity, body to body

14th May

Marina Garcés

Interdependence and political action

16th May

Lorena Fuster

Lives between precariousness and vulnerability

23rd May

Joana Masó

Inhabiting in order to live. Forms of revolt, ways of appearing

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