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Improper Sessions

Other Imaginaries of Desire

With Urko, Luna Miguel and blanca arias

Courses and workshops

We fill The Improper with fantasies and (un)learnings on eroticism, desire and pleasure from multiple perspectives, expressions and bodies.

Addressing the tension between fantasy and reality, in this “Improper Session” we confess personal and shared pleasures, explore eroticism from the margins and question more conventional ways of finding pleasure. What is orgasmocentrism and how do we get there, alone or with others? How do we relate to the logics of domination and submission? How do we create alternative imaginary domains of desire from non-normative bodies? Over the course of the session, we will share various anonymous fantasies in rethinking desire and sketching out a map, allowing us to appropriate the patriarchal, necropolitical conception that feminine sexuality has been built upon.

Moderators: blanca arias

Participants: E/Urko, Luna Miguel

This activity is part of Sade, Improper Sessions

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