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Urko is a trans-feminist and post-porno activist, and is one of the founders of the collective Post-Op. Some of the main areas of Urko’s current activity are the Escola BDSM, body workshops in empowerment, and experimentation. Urko is the creator of the Ruta Canalla, an itinerary featuring sexual dissidence in the Raval neighbourhood, while also working on the re-sexualisation of public space by addressing sexuality and gender from the perspective of the body and performance. Urko has collaborated on various artistic and educational projects, such as the MACBA Independent Studies Programme and Aspaym (a non-profit association for people with spinal-cord injuries and other physical challenges). Further interventions have been done at art centres like the Palau de la Virreina, Barcelona, and the Museo Reina Sofía, Madrid, as well as being a special invitee to the Buenos Aires Performance Biennale, where Urko did a seminar-workshop on corporeal practices and dissident bodies. One of Urko’s areas of action is the relationship between sexuality and functional diversity, which is dealt with in the documentary Yes, We Fuck! (2015) and in the design project for sexual prosthetics and orthotics entitled Pornortopedia.

Update: 25 April 2023

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