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Marta Cartu

Artist and comic book author

Marta Cartu’s artistic practice questions the relationship we build with visual narratives, and her work is based around comic books and their channels of circulation, such as self-publishing and digital spaces. She is the author of the comic book Hola Siri and various fanzines such as Triatlón, Even in deserts there is water and Un tumor muy guai.

She has also produced expanded comic projects such as the installation Espacios de Seguridad at Sala d’Art Jove and taken part in group exhibitions including Comic, somnis i història at CaixaForum. She has a degree in Fine Arts, specialising in drawing and education.

Update: 15 November 2022


Has participated in

Culturnautes 2023

The CCCB’s summer camp

Marta Cartu

The comic as a tool in the classroom

Marta Cartu

Workshop for teachers: “The comic as a tool in the classroom”

Marta Cartu

Family workshop “Big Bang Comic! An expanding constellation of comic strips”

Graphic Constellation

Young Women Authors of Avant-garde Comics