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Marcus du Sautoy, Elena Neira, Karina Gibert and Jorge Carrión

Algorithmic cultures


Mathematician Marcus du Sautoy and professor Elena Neira discuss with writer Jorge Carrión and professor Karina Gibert the revolution of artificial intelligence in the field of creation and the role of algorithms as the new cultural prescribers of our time.

Can machines create like humans? What role do the new artificial intelligences, based on algorithms, have in the future of creative and artistic disciplines? The revolution of the last few decades in the field of artificial intelligence is beginning to suggest that creative capacity, a trait considered to be exclusive to humans until now, has reached the machines. If we look at today's cultural industries, we see that algorithms have become the most important cultural prescribers of our time and platforms such as Google, Twitter, Youtube, Netflix, Spotify, TikTok or Disney+ are the ones that manage most of the visibility of today's arts and narratives, with human teams working with Big Data and artificial intelligence.

In the conference «Algorithmic Cultures» we will analyze this new panorama through the eyes and voices of the leading experts in the field. Twenty-five years after Pierre Lévy proposed the concept of collective intelligence, we will update it in the context of the outbreak of creation tools based on algorithms and the emergence of digital influencers and bots as new prescribers.


18.00 Netflix and the dissection of cultural algorithms.
Professor and researcher Elena Neira, who specializes in new models of audiovisual distribution, talks with writer and professor Jorge Carrión about how digital platforms have changed our production and reception of culture.

19.00 Artificial Creativity
Marcus du Sautoy explores the latest advances in artificial intelligence and talks about how artificial intelligence is learning to write, paint and think from his latest book Programados para crear (Acantilado, 2020).
Presented by Professor Karina Gibert.

Activity organized with the collaboration of UPC Arts- Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya.

Moderators: Jorge Carrión, Karina Gibert

Participants: Elena Neira, Marcus du Sautoy

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