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Marcus du Sautoy

A mathematician and scientific populariser, he is presently Simonyi Professor for the Public Understanding of Science at the University of Oxford. He is a regular columnist for The Times and The Guardian and also appears in several television programmes concerned with scientific popularising. For some time he was presenter of the BBC’s famous science programme “Mind Games” and has written many books, notable amongst which are The Music of the Primes (Harper Collins, 2012), in which he discusses the mystery surrounding the history of prime number, and The Number Mysteries (St. Martin’s Griffin, 2011). This year another of his books, What We Cannot Know (Fourth Estate, 2016), has been published in Spanish (Lo que no podemos saber, Acantilado, 2018). This is an essay on the limits of human knowledge and the motivations behind scientific research.

Update: 25 July 2018


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