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Cuchara is an organic project, in constant evolution and revision. Since its conception in 2017, the project has been managed and looked after by political scientist, Marta Solans and engineer, Carolina Zerpa. Ecofeminism and self-management crossed their paths, confirming the need to do things differently. Upon meeting, they agreed to articulate their praxis based on food, more precisely, fermentation.

Together they formed the bicephalous organism Cuchara, obsessed with processes, communicating telepathically and wearing the same colour as each other without prior communication. Passionate about delving deep into the tiniest day-to-day details to understand the big picture, and contributing something to this vital, chaotic and humbling time that we are living with both terror and joy.

Focusing on food to articulate proposals for social change, they take their kitchens out to the streets so that the sun enters and whatever takes place there can be seen by all.

Update: 7 June 2021


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Is it possible to imagine a non-apocalyptic future?

Open conversation between Julia Ramírez-Blanco and Cuchara collective