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Ignasi Castellví

Naturalist and founder of the group Signatus (1999), an entity dedicated to the study and protection of wolves, as well as the disclosure of the threat to their habitats and the problems involved in their conservation. The group is structured through the Centre d'Interpretació del Llop, where he is a Technical and Project Director, and the ASAS Association, where he is a committee member, a group committed to social action for the preservation and protection of wolves. He is co-founder of the magazine Lykos, steadfast in the transmission of information about this magnificent canine.

Authorised by the Diputació de Barcelona, from 2001 to 2018, Castellví was responsible for the Escola de Natura del Parc Natural del Montseny (Can Lleonart) and taught in the department of Natura at the Training Institute of the Pere Tarrés Foundation (2007-2013).

Currently, he is director of various projects associated with wolves in Catalonia, Canada and Mexico and teaches postgraduate courses at the Fundació d'Estudis Superiors d'Olot (FES) and the University of Girona (UdG). He created the travelling exhibition Llops, and is author of the book, El rastro del lobo (Equipo Sirius, 2008) as well as several other scientific articles and publications.

Update: 2 June 2021


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