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Enter Forum 2014

1st. International Internet Privacy Forum


Enter Forum, a space for the debate and the reflection about the Internet and the social networks

How the irruption of the Internet and the social media is affecting the present society? Are the users aware of the public exhibition in which they are exposed? Has the perception of the privacy changed? Enter Forum arises from the desire to start in Barcelona a constructive, responsible and interdisciplinary debate about the uses of the new technologies, and to be at the same time a space for the debate and the reflection. The first edition of the forum will be at the CCCB during the 16, 17 and 18 of June, and will rely on the participation of ten specialists of international prestige that will offer their perspectives through a series of speeches.

The speakers and their professional fields

The speeches of Enter Forum are articulated in five major fields: legal, educational, humanistic, social and relational enters. In each one of them will participate two specialists. After their interventions, there will be a round table with the audience. The intention is to connect different collectives that share the same worries about the Internet, and to offer them a space for the dialog, a meeting point with speeches, screenings of documentaries and workshops.


Monday, June 16th


16:00 Michael Carroll (Washington)

Has the Internet redefined the legal contract?

Round table with chairman Raquel Xalabarder

18:00 Antoni Muntadas (New York)

How surveillance is redefining the public space?

18:30 Presentation Enter Forum

19:00 Refreshment


Tuesday, June 17th


09:00 Cofee and breakfast

09:30 Paula Sibilia (Rio de Janeiro)

How social networks transform our intimacy?

10:30 Victòria Camps (Barcelona)

How to educate in an audiovisual environment?

Round table with chairman Genís Roca

12:30 Presentation of the MSCHOOLS project (Mobile World Capital / Departament d'Ensenyament)


16:00 Milad Doueihi (Quebec)

Is there a space for the Humanities in the new technologies?

17:00 Bernard Stiegler (Paris)

What are the uses and abuses on the Internet consumption?

Round table with chairman Artur Serra

18:30 Isaki Lacuesta (Barcelona)

Projection and presentation of the project Google Earth


Wednesday, June 18th


09:00 Cofee and breakfast

09:30 César Rendueles (Madrid)

What are the challenges of the free knowledge?

10:30 Geert Lovink (Amsterdam)

Is there privacy after Snowden?

Round table with chairman Artur Serra


16:00 Eva Illouz (Jerusalem)

How the Internet reformulates romantic relationships?

17:00 Yair Amichai-Hamburger (Tel Aviv)

How the Internet changes our well-being?

Round table with chairman Paula Sibilia

18:30 Closing Enter Forum 2014

19:00 Refreshment


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