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Emeritus Professor on Ethics and Philosophy of Politics at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona. She is an active supporter of an ethics practice that contributes to the formation of the citizenship. In some of her latest works, such as Creer en la educación or El gobierno de las emociones, she has been working on educational issues, asking about the integration of the technologies inside of the classrooms. She is now the President of the Víctor Grifols i Lucas Foundation, and member of the Catalan Bioethics Committee. Before, she was Spanish senator, Assessor for the Catalan Audiovisual Council and President of the Spanish Bioethics Committee.

Update: 22 May 2014


Has participated in

The Enhanced Brain: Ally or Enemy of the Human Species?

Lecture by Jean-Pierre Changeux

Enter Forum 2014

1st. International Internet Privacy Forum