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Barcelona’s New City Walls


The walls around European cities fell one by one according to their own particular calendars, starting in the second half of the 19th century. This continuing process of urban expansion did not, however, mean the disappearance of the limits and borders of the city: motorway toll barriers, petrol stations-cum-shops, airports and endless rows of terraced housing form new discontinuous limits in the territory that draw out the new map of the city-and its new walls-in the 21st century.


The Multiplied City and the New Urban Walls
Introductory address by Francesc Muñoz (Geography Department, UAB).

Barcelona, Territory City: the Multiplication of the City Walls
Round table with the participation of Ivan Muñíz (Department of Applied Economics, UAB), Maria Buhigas (Barcelona Regional), Maties Serracant (environmentalist), Joan Roca (Fundació Antoni Tàpies) and Andreu Ulied (MCRIT).

Barcelona, a Multiplied City: Culture and Society in Transit
Round table with the participation of Josep Font (Museu de Granollers), Josep Bàguena (Institut d'Estudis Regionals i Metropolitans de Barcelona), Enric Mendizàbal (Geography Department, UAB), Octavi Rofes (Escola Eina), Francesc Muñoz (Geography Department, UAB) and Silvia Bianchini (architect).

Barcelona, Map City: the Cartography of the New City Walls
Presentation of conclusions, with the participation of all the speakers.

Landscapes Seen from the City Walls: Photographic installation by Laura Cantarella (photographer).

Cartographic research: Anna Badia (Geography Department, UAB).

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