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Visits and activities for group and schools

Via this page you can find out which activities the CCCB offers for groups and make your booking request. These activities are designed for school groups of varying educational levels, socio-educational groups, groups with special needs and groups of adults.

Applications for activities at accessible prices for charity and social services groups, with people at risk of social exclusion or vulnerability, should be made via the Apropa Cultura website. We also have the Alzheimer Programme, aimed at people affected by Alzheimer’s disease and their family members and carers.

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Look, photograph, read ... the city!

Photo creation workshop

Throughout one morning, inspired by viewing photographs of reference authors and reading literary texts, participants create their own photographic projects, combining word and photography.

Bioscope: Antiselfies. A sum of masks

Documentary animation workshops

We will create an device that allows us to represent ourselves in three different areas of our lives. From here we will create an animated portrait with the technique of stop motion and see how the identity is interactive and constantly evolving.

Bioscope: Antiselfies. Take off your mask

Documentary animation workshops from 12 to 16 years old

Visual arts and animation workshops to reflect on one’s own identity and self-representation. We will show our "antiselfie" and take off the mask that we all wear.

Isaac Rosa: lecture for secondary students

Other possible futures

In this talk, the writer Isaac Rosa talks to young people about the narratives of collapse and the possibility of opening the door to imagine other possible futures.

Juan Arnau: lecture for secondary students

Imagination has a history

In this talk, the philosopher and writer Juan Arnau talks to young people about how the fate of the world will depend on how we are able to imagine it.