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Visits and activities for group and schools

Via this page you can find out which activities the CCCB offers for groups and make your booking request. These activities are designed for school groups of varying educational levels, socio-educational groups, groups with special needs and groups of adults.

Applications for activities at accessible prices for charity and social services groups, with people at risk of social exclusion or vulnerability, should be made via the Apropa Cultura website. We also have the Alzheimer Programme, aimed at people affected by Alzheimer’s disease and their family members and carers.

Education service
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Guided tour for "Sade" exhibition

The guided visit aims to establish a conversation to connect the people who attend the visit with the reflection intended by the artistic pieces and objects present in the room. Exclusive for groups of people over 18 years old.

"Teclat viu"

Games with voice and sounds

Sound Art Workshop. Proposal for summer camp groups 2023.

Non-guided tour to "Flowers and Journeys"

Cabosanroque trilogy (III)

Immersive installation that tells us about the war through the voices of women who have been forced to flee a current war. Proposal for summer camp groups 2023.