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Activities for groups and schools

Via this page you can find out which activities the CCCB offers for groups and make your booking request. These activities are designed for school groups of varying educational levels, socio-educational groups, groups with special needs and groups of adults.

Applications for activities at accessible prices for charity and social services groups, with people at risk of social exclusion or vulnerability, should be made via the Apropa Cultura website.


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Non-guided tour for Francesc Tosquelles exhibition

"Francesc Tosquelles. Like a Sewing Machine in a Field of Wheat" highlights the figure, the work, and the political and artistic environment of a psychiatrist who revolutionized the medical practices of his time and passed on an innovative and surprising cultural legacy that is unknown to most. 

Guided tour for Francesc Tosquelles exhibition

The purpose of the guided tour is to establish a conversation to connect the people attending the visit with the reflection of the artistic pieces and objects present in the room and thus generate a meaningful and enjoyable experience.

Bioscope: Antiselfies. A sum of masks

Documentary animation workshops from 6 to 12 years old

We will make an animated portrait that reveals the dynamic identity that we all have by presenting ourselves to the world with different masks depending on different contexts.

Bioscope: Antiselfies. Take off your mask

Documentary animation workshops from 12 to 16 years old

Visual arts and animation workshops to reflect on one’s own identity and self-representation. We will show our "antiselfie" and take off the mask that we all wear.

Look, photograph, read ... the city!

Photo creation workshop for 10 to 18 year olds

Throughout one morning, inspired by viewing photographs of reference authors and reading literary texts, participants create their own photographic projects, combining word and photography.

Feet, art and collective life

Body experience in the Francesc Tosquelles exhibition 6 to 12 years old

Come to visit the exhibition accompanied by the dancer Magdalena Garzón. We will do a body practice around the piece Caminar, by Perejaume, where we will pay attention to the feet and back to the rest of the body.