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Venue Hire


A space for functions

The CCCB is restricting the hire of its spaces and only accepting requests for academic events, conferences and congresses. Venues for festivals, celebrations, fairs or exhibitions are not available for hire.

Right underneath the Pati de les Dones is the CCCB’s Main Foyer, a large, open-plan space that gives access to the exhibitions halls. Equipped with a screen and sound installation, it is a suitable venue for holding events  like competitions, fairs, festivals, etc. Festivals, concerts and all kinds of shows that involve large spaces and a numerous audience can be organised here.

Location: basement 1
Surface area: 730 m2
Capacity: 340 people seated ten a theaer layout


1 day 1/2 day
€3,950 + VAT €2,600 + VAT
€2,175 + VAT* €1,430 + VAT*

* Non-profit organisations


Floor plan and cross-section (PDF | 315 KB)
Floor plan and cross-section (DWG | 507 KB)


Included equipment

  • Information desk
  • Surround sound system:
    _ PA formed by 2 self-amplifying Full Range (2000W Peak) speakers and 2 self-amplifying subwoofers (1500W Peak)
    _ Delay system formed by 2 self-amplifying Full Range (2000W Peak) speakers
  • 32-channel, 16-bus digital mixing console
  • Central video projector: Panasonic PT-MZ770 8,000 lumens resolution 1920x1200
  • 2 side video projectors: Panasonics PT-MZ570U 5,500 lumens resolution 1920 x 1200
  • Central screen: 5.4x3.1m
  • Side screens: 3.60x2m
  • Computer connection with HDMI connector to stage and technical control
  • Fixed and cordless microphones (hand-held)
  • DVD and Blu-Ray player
  • CD player
  • Internet connection (access guaranteed via Wi-Fi and high-speed cable)

Other materials not included

It is necessary to check availability and additional cost of service

  • Live streaming equipment
  • ENG SD-HDV video camera
  • Hard drive for still JPEG, TIFF images, etc.
  • Conference microphone system (6 speakers)
  • AV press rack with 40 outlets

Catering service