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Venue Hire


A space for functions

At present, the CCCB has no spaces available for hire due to improvement work being carried out on the building. For this reason, no requests can be accepted for hire spaces for activities scheduled between 25 March and 30 June. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Right underneath the Pati de les Dones is the CCCB’s Main Foyer, a large, open-plan space that gives access to the exhibitions halls. Equipped with a screen and sound installation, it is a suitable venue for holding events  like competitions, fairs, festivals, etc. Festivals, concerts and all kinds of shows that involve large spaces and a numerous audience can be organised here.

Location: basement 1
Surface area: 730 m2
Capacity: 340 people seated ten a theaer layout


1 day 1/2 day
€3,950 + VAT €2,600 + VAT
€2,175 + VAT* €1,430 + VAT*

* Non-profit organisations


Floor plan and cross-section (PDF | 315 KB)
Floor plan and cross-section (DWG | 507 KB)



  • 1 Piccolo 24 lighting CONSOLE.
  • Dimmers, 66 channels of 2500W each.
  • Dimmers, 48 channels of 2500w each, ground.
  • 71 ERCO 100W symmetric.
  • 5 500W ADB PCs.
  • 2 500W ADB fresnels.
  • 8 1KW Strong PCs with visors.
  • 8 ETC 575W 50º fixed profiles.
  • 3 500W ADB DW54 30º 47º spots.
  • 2 500W ADB DS 54 18º 38º spots.
  • 1500W strobe.
  • 7 strips LED 41W RGB+O.


  • MacBook Pro 2016 portable computer at control.
  • Roland V-60HD video control with 2 HDMI inputs and 4 SDI.
  • Panasonic PT-RCQ10 laser LCD projector with 10000 lumens.
  • 4 x 3.1 m screen (16:9 format).
  • 2 folding side screens, 3.6 m-wide, 16:9 format with 2 Panasonic PT-MZ670 laser LCD projectors with 7000 lumens. Cloned signal on the 2 side screens.
  • Internet connection (access guaranteed by wi-fi and high-speed cable).
  • Comfort monitor option on stage.
  • Computer connection on stage with Decimator MD-HX HDMI to SDI


  • Sound system comprising 2 x Fohhn PT-70 per side with 2 Fohhn DI 2.2000 amplifiers with AES/EBU digital connection.
  • Front fill 4 x Fohhn XT-1 with Fohhn DI 4.100 amplifier with AES/EBU digital connection.
  • 2 x Fohhn PS-850 subwoofers with Fohhn DI 2.400, AES/EBU digital.
  • Delay system made up of: 2 JBL SRX812P loudspeakers, 2000W Peak.
  • Behringer X32 digital sound console, 32 canals and 16 outputs.
  • DBX DriveRack 4800 signal processor.
  • 2 Shure Beta 87A wireless mics.
  • Nexo PS8 monitor system.

Camera editing

  • 2 Sony BRC-X400 remote cameras.
  • Sony RM-IP500 camera control.
  • Performing, recording and streaming system using VMIX software with 8 SDI input channels.


Catering service