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Venue Hire

The Pati de les Dones

A large open-air venue

In keeping with current measures to prevent COVID-19, the CCCB has temporarily suspended its space hire service.

The Pati de les Dones occupies the central zone of the CCCB and is its natural focal point for users. It is a large, open-air space, ideal for festivals, concerts and major presentations, in which the historical buildings enter into dialogue with the modern glass façade that closes the courtyard along its northern side. You can contemplate the city and the sea, reflected in the upper part of the glass, a mirror of today’s Barcelona.

Location: ground floor
Surface area: 975 m2
Capacity: 500-1000 people


1 day 1/2 day
€3,780 + VAT €2,500 + VAT
€2,080 + VAT* €1,375 + VAT*
* Non-profit organisations


Floor plan (PDF | 141 KB)
Floor plan (DWG | 276 KB)
360° view