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AI: Artificial Intelligence

The other AI revolutions

Y. Hui, J. Carrión, M. Bunz, J. Fontcuberta, A. Saum, F. Pasquale, X. Nueno, M. Ferraris and M. Peirano

Artificial intelligence transforms thought, society, culture, and law.

The impact of artificial intelligence on science and technology is obvious. Thanks to the power of supercomputing, deep learning neural networks are enabling great leaps forward in such diverse areas as computational biology (we can now discover the form a protein will take based on its genetic code), study of climate (with powerful systems for predicting extreme phenomena like droughts and heatwaves), and biomedicine (with the creation of “virtual humans” that improve medical decision-making), among many others.

However, this is a total revolution, one that deeply affects thought, society, and culture as well. How does philosophy interpret the changes wrought by this new technology? How does AI change our relationships with others? And how does it change what we understand by work and leisure? What changes are occurring in the world of art and creation? What do the present robotics laws have to say about all this? In this cycle, curated by the writer and cultural critic Jordi Carrión, eminent thinkers and international experts discuss the structural changes that are being triggered by the array of tools we denote with the metaphor “artificial intelligence”.

From 22 January until 18 February, this cycle of debates coincides with the exhibition Synchronies, a mural by the illustrator Roberto Massó that graphically shows how AI works in the vestibule of the CCCB’s lower ground floor. These activities constitute part of the programme of the exhibition “AI: Artificial Intelligence”.

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