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AI: Artificial Intelligence


An installation of Roberto Massó's graphic novel


With this conceptual, abstract comic, the illustrator Roberto Massó imagines the journey of an email from the present to the future.

Synchronies is an experimental comic by Roberto Massó who imagines the communication between a human being of the present and an algorithm of the future. In this endeavour of visualising, from the perspective of science fiction, a discussion between a person and a quantum computer, Massó creates a whole range of graphic resources that make it possible to contemplate new imaginaries of the interaction between humans and machines.

The comic is part of Todos los museos son novelas de ciencia ficción ("All museums are science fiction novels"), an exhibition held at the José Guerrero Center of Granada which was subsequently published as a book by Galaxia Gutenberg (2022). In this project, Jorge Carrión transformed a museum into literary fiction with the help of Massó and other authors.

An free access installation

The work Synchronies is exhibited in the Vestibule of the CCCB’s lower ground floor. The installation opens on 22 January at 6 p.m. with a presentation by the writer Jorge Carrión and the author of the piece, Roberto Massó. This event is the starting point of the cycle of debates “The other AI revolutions”. 

Participants: Roberto Massó

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AI: Artificial Intelligence

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