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Biennial of Thought

Open City Thinking Biennale 2020

Once again, the CCCB is one of the venues hosting the Open City Thinking Biennale, a project promoted by the Barcelona City Council with the participation of many of the city’s agents and entities.

In this year’s Biennale, the CCCB presents a programme which combines on-site and audiovisual formats. With debates and lectures, as well as poetry, music and a range of theatrical performances and artistic events, we aim to speak about our bond with the planet and its other species, to question the systems of exclusion that continue to divide people, to reflect on the question of what kind of freedom is left to us after the lockdown and, above all, to share futures that might improve our collective life.

During the Biennale, we shall also offer the newly created project “A Vocabulary for the Future” which, taking the form of audiovisual capsules, sets up conversations among local and international visual creators, thinkers and writers. In a present that is already being perceived as a dystopia, this germinal vocabulary speaks out for the need to open up spaces for imagining alternative, more hospitable worlds.

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