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City, Conflict and Emancipation

“Freedom or death!”, one of the most shouted slogans in the history of the West, proclaimed that life was only worth living if something greater than life itself was recognised. The pandemic has jettisoned the ideas we had inherited about freedom and death, survival, a full life, social control and community. The virus has come bearing a new message: “Freedom is death”. And, in order to stay alive, we have accepted the most drastic constraints on the freedom of our lives. In the coming world, what will be valued more, mere protection of life, or life fully lived in freedom?

The writer Raül Garrigasait leads a discussion that raises the question of whether it is possible to learn a deeper kind of freedom as a collective. He discusses this and other matters with the philosopher Joan Canimas, a specialist in ethics applied to social actionand with the university lecturer Aida C. Rodríguez, researcher in human rights and expert in restorative justice. The actress Bàrbara Mestanza reads some classic philosophical texts dealing with the issue of freedom.

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18 October 2020