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A hint of light

The end of the Biennale programme coincides with the conclusion of Barcelona Poesia 2020. Hence, this year, we express this coincidence with a recital that invites reflection and, poetically speaking, thinks of the future through the voices of young authors from around the world, because we need to come together and call up a future that we will want to call ours: Laia Carbonell, Farah Chamma, Ellen Deckwitz, Francesco Deiana, David Leo García, Elías Knörr, Ashle Ozuljevic, Koleka Putuma, Guim Valls.

And, for the finishing touch, nothing could be better than music by Aurora Bauzà and Pere Jou, two composers who believe that a melody is also a physical, visual, and palpable phenomenon.

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18 October 2020