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In Praise of Adventure

Uphold adventure. This could be the programmatic ideal of a new epoch in which the future has recovered its true condition and suddenly reveals the dark zones, unanswered questions and doubts that have always characterised it. Revived by the crisis, words like “risk”, “uncertainty”, and “instability” have rejoined our vocabulary after decades of exile during which we believed the future was under control. Today we have been launched into an unpredictable, chancy journey far from familiar and foreseeable territory. However, what do we find when we are lost? What boundless horizons open up when we stray from the path to wander, explore and ramble? Is not this impulse to head for the unknown also the seed of knowledge, the trigger of artistic creation, and the necessary condition for imagining and describing other worlds? The horizons that we, today’s adventurers, must explore will be reached by alternative paths, byways that lead us to discover new ways of inhabiting the world.

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