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Lecture will begin at 7:30 pm

In Praise of Adventure

In Praise of Adventure: Utopia, today

Lecture by Fredric Jameson


In these times of political gloom and doom, is it possible to conceive of radical change or true social transformation? Does it make sense to strive for utopia? Are we still able to imagine the future? The horizons that we, today’s adventurers, must explore will be reached by alternative paths, byways that lead us to discover new ways of inhabiting the world.

Fredric Jameson is Professor of Comparative Literature at Duke University and one of the world’s best known critics today.

Presented by:
Eloy Fernández Porta, essayist and writer.

This lecture has the support of the PhD programme at the National University for Distance Education (UNED), which is coordinated by Ramón del Castillo.

Presenters: Eloy Fernández Porta

Participants: Fredric Jameson

This activity is part of In Praise of Adventure

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