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Violencia y ley en la poscolonia: una reflexión sobre las complicidades Norte-Sur

Jean Comaroff i John L. Comaroff

Dixit — n. 10

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" + Obsesiones criminales después de Foucault: poscolonialismo, vigilancia  policial y metafísica del desorden"

“In recent years, depictions of postcolonial nations have congealed into a terrify­ing epic of lawlessness and violence, adding a brutal edge to older European archetypes of under­develop­ment, abjec­tion, and ethnic­­ strife. [Nevertheless] the similarities bet­ween the postcolony and the world beyond it are un­mis­­takable. And growing. The global north is evolving toward Africa. Everywhere, criminal violence has become an imaginative ve­hi­cle, a hie­ro­glyph­­­, for thinking about the nightmares that threaten the nation.”

Authors: Jean Comaroff and John L. Comaroff

Publication year: 2009

Pages: 136

Dimensions: 11 × 20 cm.

978-84-96859-56-2 (castellano)


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