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El futro del alma

Eva Illouz

Dixit — n. 21


" + La creación de estándares emocionales".

“There is however more than one aspect of the modern psyche that should worry us: its avoidance at all costs of suffering. The future of the soul – or the psyche – seems to be very clearly toward the massive attempt to eradicate suffering, whether through medicine, talk therapy, meditation workshops, anonymous meetings, or the industry of self-help: any and all forms of suffering (low self-esteem, abuse, anxiety, divorce, humiliation at work, all must disappear). Our psychology has become highly functional, utilitarian and positive.

The result of this is paradoxical because psychology and medicine have deployed an unprecedented management of suffering, yet it is this vast attempt to eradicate it from the body collective and the psyche that in turn produces a plethora and endless discourse of “victims,”people who are victims not only of others’ misdeeds but of their own unsufficient or wounded psyches.”

Authors: Eva Illouz

Publication year: 2014

Pages: 64

Dimensions: 11 × 20 cm.

978-84-15917-11-3 (castellano)

CCCB - Katz editores

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