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Artesanía, tecnología y nuevas formas de trabajo

Richard Sennett

Dixit — n. 19

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" + Hemos perdido el arte de hacer ciudades (entrevista de Magda Anglès)".

"My argument when you have a separation between praxis and conception, between practice and theory, is that the head then suffers. That is we’re mentally impaired when we make this separation between the material and the analytical; both understanding and impression are impaired. These are the grounding arguments of this: that there is a relationship between what we think of as proletarian work and other kinds of work which can be located in craftsmanship. When there’s a separation between practical activity and intellectual activity, it’s the intellectual side, the side of analysis, the side of understanding which is diminished."

Authors: Richard Sennett

Publication year: 2013

Pages: 90

Dimensions: 11 × 20 cm.

978-84-92946-49-5 (castellano)


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