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El precio de la vivienda y la formación del hogar

Urbanitats — n. 06

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Life course patterns are increasingly undergoing change. One of these patterns concerns the transition to adult life. The high price of urban housing, and until recently the financial costs of buying the first home, added to the difficulty that young people experience when setting up a home. Many new homes have to be set up on the periphery of the major cities, without any link to the workplace or the family environment, and despite the existence of a more than sufficient pool of housing available everywhere. Other young people wait to make sure their resources are consolidated, thus delaying the age for settling down and the birth of the first (and probably only) child.

Authors: Ricard Vergés, Joan Valls, Christian Tutin, Carmen Trilla, Ignacio San Martín, Josep Roca, Joan Ràfols, Germán Pérez, Antonio Escudero

Publication year: 1998

Pages: 168

Dimensions: 17 × 24 cm.

978-84-88811-40-0 (castellano)


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