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Simon Njami

Simon Njami (1962) is a writer, art critic and exhibition curator. Notable among his most recent projects are Africa Remix (2004-2006), the first African Pavilian at the Venice Bienniale (2007), and A Useful Dream: 50 Years of Photography in Africa (2010). Njami was co-founder and artistic director of the Bamako Rencontres Africaines de la Photographie de Bamako. He has also published a biography of Leopold Sédar Senghor (Paris: Fayard, 2007).

Update: 17 February 2021




VII Trobada africana de fotografia. A la ciutat i més enllà / 7th African Photography Meeting. In the city and beyond


Un altre món / Otro mundo / Another world


Contemporary African Photography

Has participated in

Broken Dreams. Africa 1960-2010

Lectures and Screenings

Visions of City, Art and Culture in Europe

An experiment in ethnological reversal

Bamako '03. Contemporary African Photography