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Eduard Escoffet

Poet and entrepreneur, former director of the Barcelona Poetry Festival

(Poblet, 1979). Poet and cultural agitator. Is a co-founder of the group projectes poètics sense tí (untitled poetic projects - and he was director of PROPOSTA, the festival of present-day poetic practice at the Centre of Contemporary Culture of Barcelona (2002 - 2004).

He also organised the film festival Pròximament en aquesta pantalla (el cinema lletrista, entre la discrepància i la sublevació) [Coming Soon on This Screen (Letterist Cinema, between Discrepancy and Uprising)] at the MACBA (Museum of Contemporary Art of Barcelona) and has taken part in collective exhibitions of visual poetry and mail-art with Eugeni Bonet, among others projects. He is co-author of the plays ¡wamba va! (2005), puaj./ecs.(2005) and la belbel underground (2006); and more recently Estramps (Coça de Bou, 2011) and Gaire (Pagès Editors, 2012), in between others. At present collaborates with the Yuxtaposiciones Madrid Festival and is doing his Ph.D. thesis in Baroque Literature in Barcelona. Besides he works as a translator, and writes reviews and articles in different media publications, usually about sonorous poetry.

He has worked in different facets of poetry (visual and written poetry, installations, oral poetry, poetic action, et cetera) however, lately he has focused his interests on sonorous poetry and live recital. His poetry is a defense of orality and direct contact with the public. Apart from being involved in Barcelona's counter-culture theatre, he has also presented his work in festivals around Europe, China, the United States and Argentina.

Update: 4 December 2017


Kosmopolis 13. Café Europa

Talk with Joana Brabo, Krzysztof Czyzewski, Juan de Diego, Eduard Escoffet, Carles Hac Mor, Josep Pedrals, Rogelio Saunders, Nermin Yildirim, Monika Zgustova and Bashkim Shehu

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