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Francesc Tosquelles

"Infanticide" by Víctor Català

A poetic show by Rosa Vilanova


The poets Maria Callís Cabrera and Blanca Llum Vidal will give voice to Nela, the character created by Caterina Albert who scandalized Olot in 1898, forcing Albert to adopt the pseudonym Victor Català. 

Infanticide is a risky inner monologue that allows us to explore the relationship between gender, violence and mental health. Letting us into the captivating inner world of Nela, Victor Català makes audible the yearnings of a woman in love in an oppressive society. Català does not present a victim; instead, as Vilanova explains, "she gives voice to Nela who, from her madness, addresses a society that rejects her. The world does not want a being like her. Therefore, her world will be that of madness, the only possible way out for her personal liberation." (Núvol, 2021). 

The director's adaptation goes beyond a mere dramatized reading and offers us a poetic show. It does so with the help of the poets Maria Callís and Blanca Llum Vidal, who each embody a facet of Nela from their singularity, thus adding complexity to this fascinating character.

First presented at the Olot theatre in 2021 –a hundred and twenty-three years after its production–, the Centre for Contemporary Culture of Barcelona invites you, as part of the exhibition "Francesc Tosquelles: Like a sewing machine in a wheat field", to rediscover this radical and important play. 

Participants: Maria Callís Cabrera, Blanca Llum Vidal

Directors: Rosa Vilanova

This activity is part of Francesc Tosquelles

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