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Youssef Amelal, Mohamad Bitari, Tanit Plana, Blanca Llum Vidal and Aya Zuidi

Do we know if a house is just a place? Or is it also a refuge? Is it just the walls or is it also the bodies that inhabit it, that have raised them, that will one day be enshrouded by them? A safe space that saves us. What makes a house stop being a house: it becoming a home. Without laws. Or with its own laws, created anew, from scratch. Who actually knows what a home is?

Text and voice: Youssef Amelal, Mohamad Bitari, Blanca Llum Vidal and Aya Zuidi
Photography technicians: Manel Cano and Marina Giraldós
3D, editing and subtitling: Guillermo Enforma
Choreographer: Candela Capitán
Director and photography: Tanit Plana
Original version: Catalan, Spanish and Arabic

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19 June 2021