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Urgent! #02. Politics of the communal

Discussion with Javier de la Cueva, Miguel Morey, Beatriz García and Daniel G. Andújar

 A turning point in recent political culture and at the same time the catalyst of a heterogeneous social agenda, the 15th of March outlines a new scenario for reflection on the communal, the public and the political. Javier de la Cueva, lawyer, veteran defender of copyleft, drafter of the basic document giving the sit-ins legal cover and a founder of Praeter Orwell, who works on the law of public data transparency, among other things; Miguel Morey, essayist and philosopher; Beatriz García, activist and researcher at the Observatorio Metropolitano (Madrid) and contributor to the new online medium Madrilonia; Daniel G. Andújar, artist, founder of projects such as Technologies To The People and Poscapital, and Magda Bandera, journalist and blogger.

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15 July 2011