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Urgent! #01. Planet Money

Lecture by María Eloy-García, Sayak Valencia, Antonio Baños and Isidro López.

Counter-information and imaginary reports are the identifying features of the satirical online journalism of El Mundo Today, who will moderate this lecture-show. The event will revolve around the interventions of Isidro López (co-author of Fin de ciclo), the essayist and performer Sayak Valencia (Capitalismo Gore, 2010), the poet María Eloy-García (Cuánto dura cuanto, 2007) and the journalist Antonio Baños (La economía no existe, 2009). An attempt to restore semantic meaning to words (crisis, debt, credit, risk, recovery, finances) accompanied by criticism of the political economy and humour of substance.

Participants: El Mundo Today, María Eloy-García, Sayak Valencia, Antonio Baños, Isidro López

5 February 2011