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Urgent! #02. Taking Over the Square, Creating What is Public

Discussion with Guillermo Zapata and Nicolás Sguiglia

The 15th of March turned city squares into real, tangible places, material and emotional, a collective rejection of the omnipotence of the markets and a politics that is subsidiary to them; the city squares have become points of convergence between the social networks and the body social, symbols of the reappropriation and defence of the public in the physical space of the city. With Guillermo Zapata, scriptwriter, author of Crónicas del hype and member of El Patio Maravillas (Madrid), Nicolás Sguiglia, sociologist and member of the collective Universidad Nómada and La Casa Invisible (Malaga) and the researcher Yaiza Hernández.

Participants: Nicolás Sguiglia, Guillermo Zapata, Yaiza Hernández

15 July 2011