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Tahar Ben Jelloun and Lilian Thuram

Racism is Still Here and So Are We

Talk by Tahar Ben Jelloun followed by a dialogue on Racism and Football with former FC Barcelona player Lilian Thuram. Presented by the journalist Emili Manzano. Welcome by Ramon Garriga, patron of the FC Barcelona Foundation.

Tahar Ben Jelloun often tells us: racism is a refuge. For those who are afraid and also for those who aren’t better informed or don’t want to be. In addition, it ties in very well with crisis. In troubled times, prejudices arise to hold foreigners, immigrants or the marginalized responsible for everything. The same is true of Islam, now also being represented as a monster to arouse fear and misunderstanding. In Europe, Islamophobia has spread among the far-right and classical right-wing parties alike, leading to stigmatization of the Muslims living among us. What can we do to combat this? For Tahar Ben Jelloun, the answer is plain: we can fight prejudice, particularly in schools, to try to remove these preconceived ideas from children’s heads before it’s too late. Racism is always present. So are we, to fight it.


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22 April 2013