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Against Racism

Racism, xenophobia and origin, religion, and/or gender discrimination are problems which root in the colonial past of the West and are still very much present today. With the rise of far-right movements, the flame of intolerance against the "other" is reviving, with serious consequences for the lives of many people. In the face of the exclusionary speeches that foster fear and hate, we propose to recover the ideas of authors who, through literature or artistic creation, have fought racist prejudices and practices. 

Angela Davis

Against racism: a constant fight

A few days before the US presidential elections, Angela Davis, who is widely recognised as one of the great champions of human rights and a prominent opponent of racial discrimination, speaks with Black and Afro-descendant activists about the situation of antiracist protests in the United States and also about the kinds of exclusion that mark the present.

The Fight of African Women

Carlos Bajo

African women have found in social media networks a space for denouncing the discrimination that reigns in conventional police, court and legislative structures.

Jane Alexander: "Security with Traffic" (Influx Control)

"Apartheid. The South African mirror" Installation at the Pati de les Dones CCCB

Reportage on Jane Alexander’s installation in the Pati de les Dones at the CCCB on the occasion of the exhibition Apartheid. The South African Mirror. A triple fence, topped with concertina wire, evokes the barriers blocking entry to European Union territory in Melilla. Various ...

Jim Crow: Racism in the United States

Apartheid. The South African Mirror

Video presented at the exhibition Apartheid. The South African Mirror based on the African-American stereotype created by the vaudeville figure of Jim Crow: comedy with a hint of deformity or a degree of disability, clearly in keeping with the consensus of racial inferiority. The discriminatory ...

Sara Ahmed

On Complaint

Sara Ahmed, researcher and writer specialising in feminism, queer theory and postcolonial criticism, talks about the difficulties involved in presenting a complaint in matters of harassment at universities as a result of institutional bullying. She advocates victims uniting in order to challenge a body that frequently tries to discourage them from complaining and convince them of the damaging effects it may have for them, while those responsible band together and support each other to defend their common interests. ...

Angela Davis

Revolution today

Angela Davis is a politician, activist and professor emerita at the University of California, Santa Cruz. A member of the Black Panthers and the Communist Party USA in the sixties, Angela Davis is a feminist and revolutionary of reference. Considered one of the great historical fighters for ...

Colson Whitehead

A talk with the author of “The Underground Railroad: A Novel”

The writer Llucia Ramis talks with New York writer Colson Whitehead, author of six novels and several non-fiction works, who made his debut in 1999 with The Intuitionist and presents his book The Underground Railroad: A Novel (2016). The Underground Railroad narrates the escape of a slave girl from a plantation and her journey through different states in the south of the United States on board an allegorical train that refers to the clandestine network that helped slaves escape during the 19th century. ...

Mona Eltahawy and Najat El Hachmi

Genuine Freedom

The daughters of Muslim families in Europe must face different challenges to defend their individual freedoms and their emancipation as women. On the one hand, the patriarchal traditions that come from their country of origin, intimately linked with religion. On the other, the onslaughts of ...

NoViolet Bulawayo and Gemma Parellada

Dialogues for Thinking about Diversity

Is it possible to go beyond intermingling and cultural exchange when thinking about society and contemporary culture? Population flows are the pattern in a globalised world in which identities are being diluted and superimposed, and in which a mosaic is being constructed, contributing towards collective enrichment everywhere.

I am not your periphery

Karo Moret

Afrofeminism or black feminism is a current of thought that defends that sexism, class oppression and racism are closely related with what is known as intersectionality. Karo Moret, a researcher at Pompeu Fabra University and expert in African culture, writes in this article about Afropeans, ...

Tahar Ben Jelloun and Lilian Thuram

Racism is Still Here and So Are We

Talk by Tahar Ben Jelloun followed by a dialogue on Racism and Football with former FC Barcelona player Lilian Thuram. Presented by the journalist Emili Manzano. Welcome by Ramon Garriga, patron of the FC Barcelona Foundation. Tahar Ben Jelloun often tells us: racism is a refuge. For those who...

The Best Intentions

Soy cámara online

Since the colonial era, our relation with the far-off and exotic has evolved, but certain perspectives and prejudices continue to distort the possibility of relating on an equal footing. From tourism to humanitarian action, a periodic revision of practices is necessary to prevent their effects ...