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Youssef Aboud, Ismail El Hachlaf, David Fernàndez, Tanit Plana and Lucía Serra

Four bodies in movement that never touch the ground. An unclear horizon, often confusing. Desire, in the background, or escape. A home that falls apart and is rebuilt to be destroyed again. A right that ceases to be a right to make each space more liveable: move, moult skin, build a house. Establish a home.

Text and voice: Youssef Aboud, Ismail El Hachlaf, David Fernàndez and Lucía Serra
Photography technicians: Manel Cano and Marina Giraldós
3D, editing and subtitling: Guillermo Enforma
Choreographer: Candela Capitán
Director and photography: Tanit Plana
Original version: Catalan, Spanish, Arabic and Berber

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19 June 2021