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Kosmopolis 15. The Stomach of the Writers (1). The spiritual food of a poet and a playwright

Dialogue with Unai Velasco and María Folguera.

“The thing I like best about Spain is Mercadona’s sobrasada”, says writer Michel Houllebecq quite unashamedly. You think what you eat. There is a direct relation between what you eat and what you write. But how do you chew a concept and how do you digest it? We want to know what young writers get down them and what they don’t. Do they go to the corner shop or do they shop at the traditional market? Do they prefer their wine ecological or in bulk? Do they smoke nicotine or electronic cigarettes? The journalist and writer Jordi Nopca and playwright Marc Caellas present a series of literary performances about what the writer consumes. Food, drink, meds and other substances, on the table.

Related to Kosmopolis 2015, Kosmopolis, Unai Velasco and María Folguera. Moderator: Jordi Nopca. Stage direction: Marc Caellas

19 March 2015