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Unai Velasco

Poet, editor, translator and cultural critic. One of the country’s most up and coming voices, winner of the 2013 Miguel Hernández young poets prize.

Unai Velasco (Barcelona, 1986) is a poet, cultural critic, editor and translator, and winner of the 2013 Miguel Hernández young poets prize for the book En este lugar (Esto no es Berlín, 2012). He has published poems and articles in Quimera, Ex Libris, Paraíso, Quaderni Iberoamericani, Nayagua, Catálogos de Valverde, Punto de Partida, El Cultural and Qué Leer. His work has been included in Tenían veinte años y estaban locos (La Bella Varsovia, 2011), Serial (El Gaviero, 2014) and Réquiem por Lolita (Fundación Málaga, 2014). He has taken part in poetry festivals such as Perfopoetry (Murcia), Cosmopoética (Córdoba) and Perfopoesía (Seville). He has translated New York poet David Fishkind from the English for the anthology of young North American poetry Vomit (El Gaviero, 2013), as well as several Franco-Belgian comic-book authors. He writes the cultural criticism blog His latest book of poetry is El silencio de las bestias (La Bella Varsovia, 2014).

Update: 19 March 2015


Has participated in

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Luna Miguel, Unai Velasco and Sergio Espinosa

Unai Velasco and María Folguera. Moderator: Jordi Nopca. Stage direction: Marc Caellas

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