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Projected Words

"A Vocabulary for the Future" in coproduction with Institut Ramon Llull and Film London

Six original new shorts that bring together six Catalan-language writers and six young British filmmakers. These films are added to the ongoing project “A Vocabulary for the Future”, which already includes 30 audiovisual pieces with the participation of some one hundred local and international thinkers and creators. The project is an invitation to rethink the way we inhabit the present and project ourselves into the future.


Borja Bagunyà and Rémy Bazerque

Foolishness is a pointed form of obsession, covered in sharp edges: it persists in the power of a drift and a delay. It is a political postponement―and a killjoy―of instant gratification. It is the opposite of personal branding and inflated egos. Foolishness aspires to impersonality: it ...


Najat El Hachmi and Julia Parks

What if desire wasn’t the expression of a lack? What if the object of our desire wasn’t an object but an aggregate? What if what we desired wasn’t a person but all the moments that make them up, all the things they’ve read, all the places that live inside them? Producing something by desiring, manufacturing a unique world, a composition of elements coming together.


Llucia Ramis and Nosa Eke

To what extent has our intimacy become a commodity? Where is the outsized exaltation of subjectivity leading us? Why do we talk about oversharing intimacy? Does the unlimited circulation of information threaten our intimacy? There are a growing number of media outlets for exhibiting our private lives; a transformation of subjectivities and new forms of being and being in the world are emerging.


Muriel Villanueva and Ezra Myers

Coming from a nothingness, from a round seed that contained everything, that would encompass everything but was non-existence; we are the product of a failed origin but with a rudder, an overflowing zero.

To I

Miquel de Palol and Graeme Arnfield

What is the meaning of "I'ing" and what is its purpose? The question runs parallel to what human beings have been asking ourselves since the beginning of our time as a species: what is the reason for our existence? What have we come to do in this life? Text and voice: Miquel de Palol Score and Edit by: Graeme Arnfield Images: Fukushima Contaminated Water Posted by: Nowi See/TEPCO Dual Light: Tracking a dog at night with FLIR/THERMAL in Kyrgyzstan.


Pol Guasch and Noémi Varga

It’s a party. And you’re dancing, with your retinas burning, because a party is a different kind of time, with no past, present, or future; time as a mass, a light, a heartbeat, and their arms getting lost in your arms. With a burning tongue and with their eyes, that have made you ...