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Cartographies of invisible cities

Water snakes

A walk with Sitesize (Elvira Pujol Masip and Joan Vila Puig)


Where does the city begin and end? What is my relation to those “paths of desire” that are not marked on the map? How can we read the territory, as though it were a novel to be interpreted through its symbolism and its scars?

This route, starting at the head of the Horta Stream, and running through the neighbourhoods of Vall d’Hebron and Montbau, offers us a different look at the surface of the city, viewed from the hidden streams and the symbolic construction of Barcelona. Direct exploration on site invites us to read signs by finding traces and identifying effects.

Water snakes was one of the selected projects by Barcelona Producció (2019 - 2020). 

Curator: Albert Lladó

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