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Improper Sessions

The Good Rage

With Fefa Vila and Javier Sáez

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In collaboration with La Capella, we debate on the trajectory of LGBTIQ+ exigencies, guided by two historic activist voices.

How might we write a polyphonic genealogy of dissidence? In this closing session of the Escola de Context Transmaricabollo at La Capella, we revive the legacy of the struggles of LGBTIQ+ activism in the 1970s, distinguished in turn by other demands that have now been sequestered by hostile capitalism, inasmuch as it conceives dissident life as a marketable product.

The Transmaricabollo line of work in the Escoles de Context at La Capella, strives to consider how forms of LGBTIQ+ activism have been commercialised by liberal mercantilism in its aim to find new consumer markets, reflecting on how hegemonic educational settings set themselves apart from a social reality as studied in a range of fields, including ethnography and sociology.

Moderators: Daniel Gasol

Participants: Fefa Vila, Javier Sáez

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