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Javier Sáez

A sociologist, translator and LGBTIQ+ activist, Sáez is a specialist in queer theory and psychoanalysis. With over thirty years as an activist, he has been involved in associations like La Radical Gai, Grupo de Trabajo Queer and Col·lectiu Gai de Barcelona. He recently participated in the publications Orgullo (Altramuz, 2022) and Transfeminismo o barbarie (Kaótica, 2020), and was the co-editor of El libro de buen [a]mor. Sexualidades raras y políticas extrañas (with Fefa Vila, Ayuntamiento de Madrid, 2019). He has also published various books on queer theory, such as Por el culo. Políticas anales (with Sejo Carrascosa, Egales, 2011), which has been translated into various languages. Sáez has translated key works in feminist and queer thought into Spanish by writers such as Judith Butler, Monique Wittig, Holly Lewis and bell hooks. Since 1995, he has been the director of, an online magazine of queer thought and culture, and has worked in an advisory role for various institutions and organisations in the struggle against discrimination and hate speech, while currently working in activities related to the defence of Romani rights.

Update: 4 May 2023

Has participated in

The Good Rage

With Fefa Vila and Javier Sáez