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Daniel Gasol

Daniel Gasol is an antidisciplinarian artist who holds a PhD in artistic production advanced studies. His research and artistic practice encompass mediation, collective dynamics and critical pedagogy, questioning and addressing hegemonic discourses and power structures built upon identity, work or class. He’s currently involved with the Transmaricabollo movement at the Escoles de Context de La Capella,  which examine existing tensions between the LGBTQ+ activisms and hegemonic culture, between capitalization and criminalization of dissidence. He has been coeditor of Polititzacions del malestar (with Nora Ancarola and Laia Manonelles Moner, Raig Verd, 2017) and has written Art (in)útil (Raig Verd, 2021, also in Spanish). One of his latest exhibitions, titled Orden público: vagos, maleantes y peligrosidad social, was presented at Chiquita Room in 2021 and 2022 and it examines the criminalization of dissidence and the marginality during the Franco era. The work is the result of researching hundreds of records from Vagos y maleantes kept at the Arxiu de Justícia de Catalunya.

Update: 25 April 2023

Has participated in

The Good Rage

With Fefa Vila and Javier Sáez

Dominations and Denominations

With Daniel Gasol and Marikarmen Free