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Pablo Mayoral

A member of the (Marxist-Leninist) Communist Party of Spain and of the Revolutionary Antifascist Patriotic Front (FRAP), Pablo Mayoral was tried in one of the Franco regime’s last court martials in July 1975. He was condemned to death in the same legal procedures which led to the executions of the FRAP militants, José Luis Sánchez-Bravo, Ramón García Sanz, and José Humberto Baena, as well as the members of ETA Juan Paredes Manot 'Txiki' and Ángel Otaegui. However, this ruling was subsequently commuted to a thirty-year prison sentence. He spent two and a half years in the Carabanchel, Cartagena and Cáceres prisons and was released in November 1977 under the Amnesty Law. In 2013 he travelled to Argentina to testify in person at the lawsuit opened by Judge María Servini against leading figures of the Franco regime who committed crimes during the dictatorship. Mayoral is now president of La Comuna de Expresos del Franquismo (Commune of Former Franco Prisoners), an association established in 2011 to provide direct testimony of the struggles against the regime and its repression in its the latter years, and to keep combatting its subsequent impunity. Representing La Comuna, he also participates in the Coordinadora Estatal de Apoyo a la Querella Argentina (CEAQUA – State Coordinator for the Argentine Lawsuit).

Update: 9 January 2019


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Prison and Political Freedoms

Screening of «El sopar (1974-2018)» by Pere Portabella and discussion of the figure of the political prisoner