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Txell Bonet

Txell Bonet works in the audiovisual domain and is a cultural activist. With a degree in Audiovisual Communication, she happened to be a student of Jordi Balló to whom she is grateful for her discovery of the films of Pere Portabella. From the age of nineteen she has worked with several radio stations (Catalunya Ràdio, iCat fm, Rac1, Ona Catalana, and French local radio) presenting and directing current affairs programmes. She has worked with documentaries and reports by Canal Arte, Tv3-C33 and La2 as well as publishing in several magazines like that of the daily La Vanguardia in which she wrote about political and social change in Myanmar where she interviewed political prisoners. She was head of Gratx (2011-2015), an underground space for exhibitions and concerts and she has represented her collections of poems Detente bala and Blaus i Miracles as musical performances in places as far away as Reykjavik. She is the partner of Jordi Cuixart, president of Òmnium Cultural, who has been held in preventive detention from October 2017 since June 2021. On the basis of this personal experience, she and the playwright Victòria Szpunberg produced a work which Bonet performed in Barcelona’s Teatre Lliure.

Update: 1 September 2021


The Roig Revels

A festive tribute on the 75th anniversary of Montserrat Roig birth

Has participated in

The Roig Revels

Prison and Political Freedoms

Screening of «El sopar (1974-2018)» by Pere Portabella and discussion of the figure of the political prisoner