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The Masked Body

Presenting the body on the virtual stage

Workshop about performance in the social media, with Candela Capitán

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In this workshop we’ll examine the objectives and the internal workings of some of the social networks, and think about how to adapt our body and its performance to the characteristics of each.

The privacy policies and conditions of use of each digital platform are very varied, and affect the way the body is displayed and its performance possibilities. In this workshop we’ll be concentrating on dialogue and the body. We’ll examine the aims and internal functioning of Instagram and TikTok, developed to create instant content and think about how to adapt the features of each platform to our purposes. This will allow us to create specific communication strategies and plan content creation for informative or promotional purposes. Analysis of the two platforms is followed by a body workshop to practise creating content for these networks.

Curators: laSADCUM

Participants: Candela Capitán

This activity is part of The Mask Never Lies, The Masked Body

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